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2012-02-14: MM007 is out!

Moments Music's latest offering brings the introduction of a new young artist in the Moments family, Reinier Zonneveld. After his addition named "Caught on Tape" to Moments' prior release it's time to present four of his new tracks on MM007. This EP covers a broad musical spectrum, using alot of acoustic instruments combined with cutting edge synth work.

Support from:

Richie Hawtin - Dubfire - Remy - Nuno dos Santos - Rino Cerrone - Slam - Cristian Varela - Philogresz - Anderson Noise - Paul Hazendonk - and many more!

2012-12-05: Moments Sampler #2 released!

This second collection of five tracks covers a broad spectrum of techno and will be exclusively available on Beatport for two weeks.

The first track, Caught on Tape by the young producer Reinier Zonneveld is a true example of his versatile vision on music. Minimal percussion and dubby chords with a mysterious but soothing feeling make this track perfect material for opening sets and intro's.

Noraj Cue debuts on Moments Music with a beauty called Unfold the Untold. Its - melancholic but everything will be alright - mood catches the ear and mind from start to end with complex chord progressions and clever rhythms.

The energy really kicks in when Contradiction by Mohn (NL) is laid down. The extraordinary choice of sounds and the nice atmospheric breaks are backed up with a hammering kick, making this one a peaktime banger.

From this point the release turns to the dark big room techno. Leak does what he does best in Causality; creating a raw, dancefloor - aimed track with typical life like industrial sounds, as if they were recorded during a mechanical production process in a factory.

Last but not least is Bol from Stormkrach. The hypnotic, and continuously changing lead synth keeps absorbing the attention while the massive sub bass creeps through every part of the body. Play this one on quality speakers!

Support from:

Richie Hawtin - Luciano - Nuno dos Santos - Philogresz - Bart Skils - Paco Osuna - Slam - Brendon Collins / Summer - Dualism - Abnormal Boyz - Du Sant - Nima Gorji - Benoit - Anderson Noise


Bart Skils - Cool EP from the Moments crew!

Nuno dos Santos - Bol track is awesome!

Luciano - Thanks, will play this for sure!

Philogresz - Sneaky moods on Caught on Tape, reminds me of early Pigon stuff, naysz!

Slam - Sounding excellent! - will spin this weekend - Thanx guys!

Mark Mywords - Wow, what a complex yet warm and groovy tune Noraj Cue once again delivered! Full Support!

Rob Hes - Stormkrach makes me wanna dance! What a powerfull track! My favorite! Also like Noraj Cue his lovely melody!

Nima Gorji - Nice release, full support!

2012-31-05: MM005 is out!

Minilab is back with their second release, Permanent Marker EP. Two tracks with a laid back swing, deep chords and a steady sub. There is a banging remix included by the upcoming producer duo Audiowomb. Enjoy this fine EP!

Support from:

Richie Hawtin - Michel de Hey - Slam - Remy - DP-6 - Anderson Noise - Marc Zimmermann - Benoit - Du Sant - Massimo Girardi - Edlington - Tom Leclercq - Xariq - Lars Wickinger - Usmev - Hyricz

MM004 Leak - Cold Future EP

After Undertow, a fine contribution on the first Moments release, Leak follows up with his own EP. Cold Future is a three tracker with a characteristic sound which suits these dark and chilling winter months. Jeff Rushin completes this release with an excellent remix of track three, Moving Twelve.

The release as a whole can be put under a distinctive style while each individual track stands out in it's own way. Using creative technological methods and sticking to a solid interpretation of music, Leak proves to be a true artist with a promising future!

Support from:

Richie Hawtin - Speedy J - Seth Troxler - DJ3000 - Slam - Alexi Delano - Bart Skils - Anderson Noise - Mike Wall - The Junkies - Maetrik - Danny Tenaglia - Benoit - Du Sant - Hermanez - Edlington


Slam: Finally some good techno.. Full Support!

DJ 3000: Cold Future is a nice track will play for sure! Nice release, full support!

Bart Skils: Fat grooves, full support. Wow I love it!

Daniel Mehes: Outstandig music! I love the dark vibes here. Cold Future is my top favourite!

MM004 Leak - Cold Future EP is available in stores from March 12th.

MM003 Thomas Vink - Turbulence EP

Thomas Vink starts off with three dance floor aimed tracks on Moments Music. This release makes you long for the weekend!

The track turbulence lives up to it's name. The windy atmosphere and mysterious sounds are backed up by a solid groove.

Eye opener is a track with warm progressive influences, consisting lots of intelligent synthesizer transitions.

Attention is the most raw track on this release, with full potential to leave the crowd exhausted after seven minutes of uncooked energy.

Support by Luciano, Remy, Slam, Dela, Xpansul, Anderson Noise, Masssimo Girardi, Andrew Grant, Du Sant, Benoit, Fallhead and Tetsuo to name a few. MM003 is available in stores now!

MM002 Minilab - House Kid EP

Minilab comes with a massive sound as their first release on Moments Music. Strengthened with remixes of Oliver Kucera, Arthur Leicher and Hertz & Vibes, completed by another track of the Minilab duo, the House Kid EP is here!

The original track, Paris House Kid, is heavy and energetic with a dark ambiance, recognizable for Minilab productions. Crazy vocals and hollow sounds introduce a blowing lead with a hypnotising rhythm. This one should be played on prime time.

The most pounding track on this release is without a doubt the Oliver Kucera remix, as he takes the toughness one step further in his impressive composition.

Arthur Leicher and Hertz & Vibes are mixing the sounds up with a more mysterious feeling, but keeping it forceful at the same time.

The topping of this releases comes in the form of Brooklyn Brats. A track with a lighter ambiance, a funky tech house feeling, but with the typical Minilab footing in terms of frequency range.

MM002 is already supported by Paco Osuna, Rino Ceronne, Slam, Anderson Noise, Secret Cinema, Funktion, Bart Skils, Remy, Tony Verdi, Invite, Massimo Girardi, Joachim and many others. In stores now!

Moments Music Sampler #1

Moments Music is proud to present the first release. This sampler contains four tracks from artists that joined the Moments family and one track from a guest producerduo.

It's a good representation of the variety of styles which are embraced by the Moments alliance, spreading from progressive to dark, and melodic to industrial sounds.

Sonic Snake, by Kyoshi and Noisy is a dark, energetic technofiller. This track works well when the rave is on the rock, and is already supported by DJ Umek.

Thomas Vink adds Air to this compilation. Melodic, warm, spherical and energetic are the right words to describe this jewel.

Victor Leicher kicks off with a slightly progressive floorfiller named Cold Feet. Consisting chunky and swinging melodies, broken up by euphoric vocals and string arrangements, this track is a very suitable one for the big room parties.

Leak makes his debut on Moments with Undertow, a mechanic technogroover with a roller coasting synth. Creative as this artist is, he even used a live recorded sound from a car driving over a bridge to mold in this energetic composition.

Moments Music Sampler #1 will be available on Beatport from September 5th!

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